Challenging a Will in QLD

Challenging Wills or Family Provision Applications – if you feel you have been short-changed or not received anything at all, let us determine whether it may be worthwhile to Challenge the Will to get you a better deal. Not every case is worth pursuing however, so you must bear this in mind and risk is associated with all litigation.
Probate or Intestacy – if you die leaving a Will or not, if you Estate is any more than a very small one, there is a very real probability that you may have to get the Sanction of the Court and our fees start from $2,200 plus Outlays for these services.

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We have been practicing law since 1993 and the Principal Rick Byrne has Degrees in Business and Law, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Diploma of Financial Planning and assorted other Qualifications related to Asset Protection and Superannuation.