Asset Protection In Australia

You should be aware that should you have a visitor to your home and they get injured you can be exposed to paying damages to them if your Insurance Company refuses to protect you, and they surely can, as you must have heard on many occasions with them using almost any dirty trick to not pay you, All With a Smile. Similarly, if you are engaged in litigation there is a very real risk that your can lose your assets if the results don’t go your way. There are methods however which can put you in a much stronger position to protect your assets as developed over decades of experience from experts in the field. This is not an Absolute Protection as the law is ever changing and evolving, but using similar methods as used by the British Royal Family via Protective Trusts and other Documents, you are much better off than just “Taking a Chance” and doing nothing. If your Estate or Assets are in the millions of dollars the costs associated with this enterprise are basically tiny. If you have few or no Assets then you don’t need to do this. In the immortal words of Boy Dylan, “If You’ve Got Nothing, Then You’ve Got Nothing to Lose” but hopefully you will have Much More Than Nothing and Effectively Lots to Lose……..

Our experienced Team with provide you with Prompt No-nonsense Advice Expressed in Relatable English, where at all possible, at a very reasonable cost with no hidden “Gottchas” or surprises.

We have been practicing law since 1993 and the Principal Rick Byrne has Degrees in Business and Law, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Diploma of Financial Planning and assorted other Qualifications related to Asset Protection and Superannuation.