Wills & Power of Attorney

Wills and EPOAs (Enduring Powers of Attorney) – really no point having one without the other…. Sad fact is that towards the end of life most of us “Lose Our Marbles” and if you don’t have and EPOA in place then expensive applications to the Courts are required…. Very False Economy to worry about the price of an EPOA when you may have to pay between $10,000 to $20,000 on a Court Application to protect your interests. Sort of like not fixing that oil leak before you cross the desert, and well you know, the engine seizes and you have to get a helicopter in to rescue you and your family……

Rick Byrne Lawyers, A well-known (EPOA) enduring power of attorney, Brisbane helps to achieve excellent outcomes for their clients at no win, no fee.

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Our experienced Team with provide you with Prompt No-nonsense Advice Expressed in Relatable English, where at all possible, at a very reasonable cost with no hidden “Gottchas” or surprises.

We have been practicing law since 1993 and the Principal Rick Byrne has Degrees in Business and Law, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Diploma of Financial Planning and assorted other Qualifications related to Asset Protection and Superannuation.